Mobile project “Journey Through Narnia”

While using both the program and the summer camp “Journey Through Narnia” in our work with children, we see great results. However, there are places and organizations that simply do not have the opportunity to host the series of classes, moreover—a four day camp. That is why we came up with the idea to create the “mobile project”.

What is it?
It is a stage production of the book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe  and the talk show with the heroes of the story.

Where is it possible to use this project?
We called this a “mobile project” because it fits every place—school, club, library, orphanage, and even playground on the street!

What is necessary for creation of the mobile project?
We need trustworthy people who are ready to help us with theatrical equipment, music, light, organization and creation of costumes. We need actors—people who are not simply ready to play their role well, but to work with children as well. Last, but not least—of course, we need a financial support.



New Ideas

City inter-school competition, dedicated to C.S. Lewis’ works.


We are planning to organize a competition between the Sochi schools dedicated to C.S. Lewis’ works.




  • Best poems

  • Best story

  • Best research paper

  • Best picture

Special stage is a brainstorming between the teams from different schools.

Purpose of the Competition

Popularization of reading and C.S. Lewis’ works.

Summing up

A judging panel made of teachers and volunteers would pick the best works. The final stage of the Competition would be a themed night, at which valuable prizes and diplomas are awarded to winners. We want to make it bright and memorable, with games, competitions and a party.

Puppet show

Another idea is a Puppet Show which could be a fantastic tool to get Narnia values across to the children through the example of the characters of the book and the movie – such moral values as courage, faithfulness, self-sacrifice, friendship, family, trust etc.

What do we need to make the Show?

We need volunteers, who could commit some of their free time to  work in the Project. We need financial support to purchase professionally made puppets and a small puppet stage.